Album Press Release

Denver-based indie and psychedelic rock band Sour Magic is thrilled to announce the release of their highly anticipated debut album, "Forbidden Fruit," due out on June 16, 2023.

Recorded over a year ago, "Forbidden Fruit" is a testament to Sour Magic's innovative approach to music and knack for pushing the boundaries of indie and psychedelic rock. The album encapsulates the band's sonic exploration and delivers a truly immersive listening experience. With lyrics about the mundane and the profound, infectious melodies, and dynamic instrumentation, "Forbidden Fruit" promises to captivate listeners and leave them yearning for more.

"Sour Magic's debut album showcases their artistry, creativity, and a willingness to chart new musical territories," says the Drew Morse, the bass player. "From ethereal soundscapes to catchy hooks, the album reflects a unique blend of genres, experimentation, and the band's characteristic captivating musicality."

In celebration of the album release, Sour Magic will be hosting an album release show on the same day at the iconic Lost Lake Lounge in Denver. The evening promises a captivating live experience full of raw energy and vibrant sounds, with supporting acts from The Crooked Rugs, Fly Amanita, and Chaarm adding more excitement to the event.

Since their debut single "Indigo" launched in 2022, Sour Magic has made waves in the Denver music scene, attracting critical acclaim and a growing fanbase. The band's high-energy live performances, coupled with their infectious grooves, have quickly established them as a staple at popular local venues and music festivals across the state.

"We are extremely excited for the release of 'Forbidden Fruit' and look forward to celebrating with the audience at the release show," said Drew. "We can't wait to share this music in streaming, but also the energy of playing it live with everyone."

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Sour Magic is a five-piece band from Denver, CO known for their unique blend of indie and psychedelic rock and energetic live performances.

Formed in 2021 and comprised of musicians from different cities, their diverse perspectives come together to tap into the supernatural to create infectious grooves that transport listeners to far-flung locations.

In 2022, Sour Magic released their debut single, “Indigo” which quickly gained traction in both the Denver music scene and on streaming services. The band has since become a staple at popular local venues and music festivals across the state and has been featured on numerous Colorado radio stations and magazines.

Sour Magic are known for their high-energy live shows, where they invite the audience to join them on a sonic journey through melodic psychedelic landscapes. The band is currently working on their first full-length album, set to be released summer 2023.


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