Named one of the Top 10 "Best Local 303 Acts of 2023" by Indie 102.3, Sour Magic is a five-piece band from Denver, CO, known for their unique blend of indie and psychedelic rock and energetic live performances. 

Formed in 2021 and comprised of musicians from different cities, their diverse perspectives come together to tap into the supernatural to create infectious grooves that transport listeners to far-flung locations. 

In 2023, Sour Magic released their debut album, “Forbidden Fruit”, including their three singles "Indigo", "Means to an End", and "High Tide" which had previously gained traction in both the Denver music scene and on streaming services. The band has since become a staple at popular local venues and music festivals across the state and has been featured on numerous Colorado radio stations and magazines.

Sour Magic is Eliseo Salinas, Mauro Hernandez, Jonny Nasi, Drew Morse and Jay Waldrop.

New Single 'Black Roses' Press Release

Fresh off being named one of Colorado's top 10 acts by CPR’s Indie 102.3, Sour Magic delves into the bittersweet beauty of unrequited love with their new single "Black Roses,” the second single off their highly anticipated second album, ‘The Hive.’ Scheduled for release on Friday, March 29th, "Black Roses'' explores unrequited love through the mosaic eyes of a drone bee yearning for union with his Queen, knowing his death will be the price of love.

"Black Roses" is Sour Magic’s most joint creation to date, born from the first collaborative lyric writing session in the band’s history. The song features the soaring lead vocals of their newest edition, Eliseo, and backing vocals from long-time member Mauro. “When I first heard the song, my mind was instantly flooded with vocal melodies. I just let the music tell me what it wanted and the rest of the song just fell into place”- Eliseo Salinas. It explores dueling themes of love, pain, longing, and death and is imbued with the introspective lyricism characteristic of classic rock and the catchy melodies of the So-Cal surf scene, making it a multi-dimensional addition to the band's evolving discography and poetic exploration of the human experience. Black roses was recorded, produced, and mixed by Dan Timmers @highplainsrecordz and was mastered by @gabewolfaudio.